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‘Logic based activities will be taken over by smart robots.
In the future mankind will focus on creativity and empathy’.

In my scientific career I concentrated on the interrelated fields of acoustics, geophysics, energy and innovation. These fields have in common that research results are closely connected with the Grand Challenges in society. I believe that science and society will have to interact more than ever before.

In the years ahead, we will see a strong coupling between ambitions in science, innovation and planet care. This means that the different frameworks, being utilized to realize these ambitions, will converge to one integrated circular system with interconnected technical, economic, social and environmental processes. In these circular processes scientific knowledge on the behavior of molecules are combined with scientific knowledge on the behavior of people to create new system solutions for a better planet earth. In this symbiotic endeavor universities state their ambitions in terms of future contributions to society, business organizations focus on multi-value targets, and governments concentrate on serving the public interest. Situation awareness by big data analytics will become a standard tool in all our future activities.

Open Scientific Platform for Global Prosperity

If we consider the immense complexity of socio-techno-economic mega systems, the current scientific models are not able to give an answer to the big global issues we are facing today. Experience shows that it is impossible to deeply study all individual components and then expect that we will understand the whole system. In complex mega systems we observe properties that cannot be derived from the constituent parts (think of the human brains or the earth’s climate). We urgently need a different emphasis that gives much more focus on systems as a whole. For this effort we require large volumes of multidisciplinary data (‘big data’) that reveal the total system behavior and that provide information on the essential interactions. With knowledge of both the total and the components we will better understand the behavior of complex mega systems, with the ultimate ambition to predict the behavior of these systems (‘connected science’). The use of multifarious sensor networks will generate a wealth of information that will fuel the processes in the innovation circle. These innovations are urgently needed to improve the quality of life on our planet in a sustainable way.

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Reinventing Democracy

Today, we see that Western democracies fail to address the important issues in modern society. Politicians show little or no interest in long-term issues; many of them appear more interested in party politics and personal benefit than caring about the future of their country. In addition, the very segmented governmental organizations come up with highly complex solutions that do not perform. Governments are consistent in asking more money from their citizens, but in return they deliver less value. We have to rethink the role of politicians and redesign the governmental system to diminish their bureaucratic footprint on society. It is time to reinvent our democracy.

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Innovation: New Solutions for a Better Future

Today, innovation is carried out by alliances (‘innovation clusters’) with highly diverse players from different sectors. This means that in innovative industrial sectors competition goes hand in hand with new forms of collaboration. All innovation activities require (implicit) knowledge of future behavior and future needs. This is why big data analytics is a growing field.

Innovation models that give a good insight in the dynamics of successful projects bring together natural scientists and industrial engineers as well as social scientists and market experts. All these diverse players are inspired by the same goal. In addition, together they function in a cluster with circular architecture. This circular architecture makes ample use of feedback paths, allowing a wealth of self-organized interactions. Moreover, this circular architecture emphasizes that the knowledge generated by successes and failures must be utilized in new projects: the innovation circle is also one big learning system.

The transformation to a sustainable society may be the biggest challenge mankind is facing. It requires changes in technology, changes in organization as well as changes in financial arrangements. The proposition is to make CIM the common innovation framework for the emerging techno-socio-economic transition. Innovation must occur in multidisciplinary clusters, where academic institutions work together with leading industries and facilitating governments to make this transformation come true.

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